Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC Jobs Information 2021

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC Jobs Information 2021

In today post I will Tell you about Latest Jobs in Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC & How to Apply for Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC Jobs. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC Searches Well Qualified And Talented People For Multiple Post. This Advertisement Paper is Published in 25-May-2021 Express E-Newspaper.

Post date26-April-2021
Source postExpress E-Newspaper
Name Of OrganizationPakistan Aeronautical Complex PAC
No Of PostMultiple Vacancies
EducationMiddle, Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor, Master
Location Pakistan
Last Date09-May-2021

Position Detail:

Sr.NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
1.Engg (Mechanical) (BPS-19)Master01
2.Engg (Mech) (BPS-18)MS/BE01
3.Engg (Electronics) (BPS-18)Master / BS01
4.Statistical Officer (BPS-18)Master01
5.Dy Dir Budget amp; Accounts (BPS-18)Master01
6.Asstt Works Manager (Aero) (BPS-17)BE/BS/BSc01
7.Assistant Director (Tech Engg) (BPS-17)MS/BE/BS01
8.Medical Officer / Lady Doctor (BPS-17)MBBS02
9.Medical Officer (Male) (BPS-17)MBBS01
10.PFM Armament Fitter (BPS-16)Matric + DAE01
11.PFM Avionics (BPS-16)Matric01
12.PFM Compressor Optr (BPS-16)Matric01
13.PFM Ref Plant Optr (BPS-16)Matric01
14.Security Supervisor (BPS-16)Matric01
15.Assistant Equipment Officer (BPS-16)Bachelors02
16.Interpreter (BPS-16)Master’s02
17.FM Engine Fitter (BPS-15)Matric01
18.FM Ref Plant Optr (BPS-15)Matric01
19.FM Avionics (BPS-15)Matric02
20.FM Machinist (BPS-15)Matric02
21.Education Instructor (BPS-15)BA/B.Sc01
22.FM Metal Worker (BPS-15)Matric02
23.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-15)Matric01
24.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-15)Matric02
25.Nursing Sister (BPS-14)Matric02
26.AFM Computer Aided Manufacturer (BPS-14)03 years DAE01
27.AFM Airframe Fitter (BPS-14)Matric02
28.AFM Airframe Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
29.AFM Engine Fitter (BPS-14)Matric05
30.AFM Engine Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
31.AFM Machinist (BPS-14)Matric01
32.AFM Metal Worker (BPS-14)Matric01
33.AFM Electric Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
34.AFM Painter (BPS-14)Matric01
35.AFM Armament Fitter (BPS-14)Matric01
36.AFM Avionics (BPS-14)Matric04
37.IT Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)DAE in CS/IT02
38.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)B.Sc02
39.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-II) (BPS-14)B.Sc05
40.Assistant Education Instructor (BPS-14)BA / B.Sc01
41.Stenotypist (BPS-14)Intermediate06
42.Stenotypist (BPS-14)Intermediate01
43.Accounts Assistant (BPS-14)B.Com / Bachelor01
44.Snr Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-13)Matric05
45.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-III) (BPS-13)B.Sc Phy+Chem04
46.Snr Charge Hand LSE (BPS-13)03 Years DAE01
47.Snr Charge Hand Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/Moulder) (BPS-13)Matric03
48.Accounts Assistant (BPS-13)D.Com / I. Com / Diploma01
49.Accounts Assistant (BPS-13)D.Com / I. Com / Diploma01
50.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-13)Matric03
51.Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-12)Matric03
52.Charge Hand Airframe Fitter (BPS-12)Matric01
53.Charge Hand Armament Fitter (BPS-12)Matric08
54.Charge Hand Armament Fitter (BPS-12)Matric03
55.Charge Hand Boiler Operator (Grade-III) (BPS-12)Matric02
56.Charge Hand Boiler Operator (Grade-III) (BPS-12)Matric03
57.Charge Hand Engine Fitter (BPS-12)Matric01
58.Charge Hand Electro Mech (BPS-12)Matric01
59.Charge Hand Painter (BPS-12)Matric01
60.Charge Hand Fabric Worker (BPS-12)Matric01
61.Charge Hand GSO (BPS-12)Matric01
62.Charge Hand Aircraft Finisher (BPS-12)Matric01
63.Charge Hand Machinist (BPS-12)Matric01
64.Charge Hand Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/B/S amp; Moulder) (BPS-12)Matric02
65.Charge Hand Rubber Tech (BPS-12)B.Sc in Phy+Chem05
66.Charge Hand Welder (BPS-12)Matric03
67.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-12)Matric06
68.Charge Hand Pattern Maker (BPS-12)Matric01
69.Ch/H Refrigeration Plant Operator (BPS-12)Matric01
70.Laboratory Assistant (Grade-IV) (BPS-12)a) B.Sc03
71.Supervisor Airframe Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)02
72.Supervisor Airframe Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)03
73.Supervisor Armament Fitter (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)05
74.Research Assistant (BPS-11)B.Sc01
75.Carpenter (BPS-11)Matric01
76.Supervisor Machinist (BPS-11)Matric01
77.Supervisor Gen Fitt (M/W/BS/B/S amp; Moulder) (BPS-11)F.Sc (Pre-Engg)05
78.Supervisor LSE (BPS-11)F. Sc (Pre-Engg)01
79.Supervisor Painter (BPS-11)Matric01
80.UDC (BPS-11)Intermediate13
81.UDC (BPS-11)Intermediate24
82.HSW Compressor Operator (BPS-10)Matric05
83.Draughtsman (BPS-10)Matric07
84.HSM Boiler Operator (Grade-IV) (BPS-10)Matric01
85.HSW Carpenter (BPS-10)Matric01
86.HSW Carpenter (BPS-10)Matric02
87.HSM Aircraft Finisher (BPS-10)F.Sc07
88.HSM Electric Fitt (BPS-10)F.Sc01
89.HSW Airframe Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc20
90.HSW Airframe Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc38
91.HSW Avionics (BPS-10)Matric03
92.HSW Avionics (BPS-10)Matric03
93.HSM Engine Fitter (BPS-10)FSc.03
94.HSM Armament Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc01
95.HSW Fabric Worker (BPS-10)F.Sc01
96.HSM Chemist (BPS-10)FSc01
97.HSM Electro Mech (BPS-10)F.Sc01
98.HSW Welder (BPS-10)FSC05
99.HSW Welder (BPS-10)FSC04
100.HSW Fabric Worker (BPS-10)F.Sc01
101.HSW GSO (BPS-10)F.Sc01
102.HSW Machinist (BPS-10)F.Sc39
103.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-10)Matric02
104.HSW Electro Mech (EF/IF) (BPS-10)F.Sc01
105.HSW Electro Mech (EF/IF) (BPS-10)F.Sc01
106.HobartOperator (Grade-III) (BPS-10)F.Sc02
107.HSW Refrigeration Plant Operator (BPS-10)Matric01
108.HSW MT Fitter (BPS-10)F.Sc01
109.Admin Asstt (BPS-10)Intermediate01
110.LDC (BPS-09)F.Sc / F.A20
111.LDC (BPS-09)F.Sc / F.A02
112.Draughtsman (BPS-09)F.Sc01
113.Junior Security Supervisor (BPS-09)Matric01
114.Snr Wkr GSO (BPS-09)Matric01
115.MC-I Airframe Fitter (BPS-08)Matric16
116.Jnr Wkr Carpenter (BPS-08)Matric02
117.Jnr wkr Avionics (BPS-08)Matric03
118.Jnr Wkr Machinist (BPS-08)Matric01
119.Jnr Wkr Gen Fitter (MW/B/S/ Moulder) (BPS-08)Matric03
120.Jnr Wkr Engine Fitter (BPS-08)Matric01
121.MC-I Welder (BPS-08)Matric01
122.Data Processing Assistant (BPS-08)Intermediate01
123.Data Process Asstt (BPS-08)Intermediate01
124.MC-I Electric Fitter (BPS-08)Matric04
125.MC-I HT Worker (BPS-08)F.Sc.01
126.MC-I Instrument Fitter (BPS-08)Matric01
127.MC-I Laboratory Assistant (BPS-08)Matric01
128.MC-I Mechanical (BPS-08)Matric05
129.MC-I Mechanical (BPS-08)Matric01
130.MC-I Metal Worker (BPS-08)Matric03
131.MC-I / General Fitter (BPS-08)Matric07
132.MC-I / Jnr WkrPainter (BPS-08)Matric02
133.MC-I Pattern Maker (BPS-08)Matric01
134.MC-1 / Jnr Wkr MT Fitter (BPS-08)Matric03
135.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-08)Matric01
136.Jnr Wkr Welder (BPS-08)Matric01
137.MC-I / Jnr Wkr Radar Fitter (BPS-08)Matric02
138.Chartist (BPS-08)Matric01
139.MC-I Engine Fitter (BPS-07)Matric08
140.Med / Nursing Staff (BPS-07)Matric01
141.Supply Assistant (BPS-07)Matric01
142.Supply Assistant (BPS-07)Matric08
143.MC-I Metal Worker (BPS-07)Matric04
144.MC-1 Machinist (BPS-07)Matric02
145.MC-I Welder (BPS-07)Matric01
146.MC-I Air Condition Mechanic (BPS-07)Matric02
147.MC-I / HS-I Airframe Fitter (BPS-07)Matric02
148.SM-II MT Fitter (BPS-07)Matric01
149.MC-II Airframe Fitter (BPS-06)Matric20
150.MC-II Machinist (BPS-06)Matric24
151.MC-II Metal Worker (BPS-06)Matric18
152.HS-II MT Fitter (BPS-06)Matric01
153.MC-II Electric Fitter (BPS-06)Matric03
154.Lab Assistant (Grade-VI) (BPS-05)Matric03
155.MTD (BPS-04)Matric03
156.MTD (BPS-04)Matric14
157.Gestetner Operator (BPS-04)Matric01
158.Ward Orderly (BPS-04)Matric01
159.Cook / Mess Waiter (BPS-04)Middle Pass03
160.Cook / Mess Waiter (BPS-04)Middle Pass05
161aya (BPS-04)Matric05

Apply Procedure:

Eligible & Interested Candidates Simple Apply Online on PAC Career Website .

Website Link: Apply Online

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  • Is Any TA/DA allowable on these Jobs?

No TA/DA will be allowable for these posts.

  • application form submission after the last date?

submitting of application before last date, does not involve in further procedure.

  • government employees criteria?

If you are a government employs, you can apply for this post Through Proper Chanel.

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